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Brokerage Management System

Brief Overview

DirectFN is renowned for its Brokerage Management System for over 30+ Financial Institutions globally.

Our next generation Brokerage Management Solution offers integrated Front, Middle and Back Office functions while also boasting secure and scalable architecture that can support hundreds of thousands of orders in a single trading session.

DirectFN BMS
DirectFN Pro 11   NEW 

Built from the ground up using the latest state-of-the-art technology to help traders & investors take the best decisions.

Loaded with a lot of content, functionalities & new analytical tools, DirectFN Pro 11 aims at greatly enhancing the user experience and 
simplifying & speeding the investment decision making process. 


DirectFN BMS
Dealer Terminal


S M A R T  /  H T M L - 5

Next-Gen Dealer Terminal as A Platform of Growth

​Designed for Dealers as a feature rich thick client application, aimed at supporting the routing and advanced workflows in a Brokerage dealing room, all the while supporting comprehensive multi-screen views. 

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DirectFN BMS
DirectFN Institutional DT

Designed for institutions as a feature rich thick client application aimed at supporting the routing and advanced workflows in a Brokerage dealing room, all the while supporting comprehensive multi-screen views.

  • Desk Order: Working the order for institutional clients.
  • Listing of Parent / Child Order Hierarchies for Desk Orders.
  • Staging of Desk Orders.
  • Advanced Order Entry screens with Market Depth Information.
  • Conditional and Algorithmic Orders.
  • Advanced Order Management with Basket Orders.
  • Filterable Order Lists.
  • Customer Lists for speedy access of active customers.
  • Customer Cash Account and Portfolio Summary with real-time portfolio valuation and gain / loss.
  • Advanced Order & Customer Search options.

The state-of-the-art DirectFN Institutional DT also includes extensive algorithms and other advanced DT features

Request a demo to learn all the features available

DirectFN BMS
DirectFN Admin Terminal


AT is a complete client-side terminal of the DFN-OMS aimed at supporting and automating completely the Back-Office workflows. AT covers fully fledged Back-Office client automating, the Administrative and Back-Office workflows related to Customer Account Management, User Roles and Entitlements Management, Risk Parameter Management, Finance Management, Compliance, Reconciliation / Settlements and MIS Reporting.

DirectFN BMS

Speed    Modern Day Reality

DFN-NTP is in-memory computing platform, i.e. readymade high-speed solution for modern-era : high-volume, high-speed and high-expectations.

NTP-EMS/OMS is in-memory engine, with in-memory streaming designed for today’s digital ecosystem, factoring billions of entry points streaming data continuously, for zero-delay-service.


Scalability  ─  built-in as Software Ready

NTP-EMS/OMS in-memory caching is designed for software scaling rather hardware dependency. Simply : build-in auto-software-scaling elasticity for quick and smooth software-scaling . And nodes cluster automatically, without production interruptions.


Read more about NTP  ❯


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DirectFN BMS
Brokerage Management 
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Currently for over 30+ FI's globally

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