Today, MENA capital markets are ever more integrated with global financial networks, and as the exchanges move from Frontier to Emerging Market status, more effective regulation founded on greater transparency become universal requirements - MEIRA

DirectFN Investor Relations is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to manage your entire IR workflow

  • Facilitates external communication with your shareholders and investors to build trust
  • Provides insights on your company and the market to enhance your Board and shareholder reporting
  • Bring you the necessary communication tools and market intelligence to stay ahead of the competition

DirectFN is already helping 35 + listed regional companies through its 15 years of experience in providing cutting edge technology and content to:

  • Stay visible & transparent to build and maintain investor relationship
  • Provide timely information and keep connected to the market, thus to stand out against competition
  • Maintain the reliability and accuracy of information to get the shareholders trust

DirectFN IR feature list

  • Stock Overview
  • Company Profile
  • News & Announcements
  • Disclosures
  • Normalized Financials statements
  • Financial Ratios & Multiples
  • Analyst Recommendations & Estimates
  • Major Shareholders
  • Subsidiaries
  • Calendar of Events
  • Corporate Actions
  • Insider Transactions
  • Advance Chart
  • Investment Calculator
  • History Lookup
  • IR Contact Us form
  • Media Room with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter integrations
  • And many more...

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About Decypha


DUInvest is a comprehensive financial portal that caters to Stock Brokers, Media Companies and Listed Companies in Emerging and Frontier markets, to enable their clients make informed investment decisions through its vast array of information, analysis tools and education section.

Features and Benefits:

Price Data - View market prices of indices and stocks.

Detailed Company Information - Company information including charts, trading statistics, corporate actions, calendar of events, announcements, financial statements, financial ratios, etc.

Analysis Tools – Enables investors to make informed decisions using advanced analysis tools, such as Stock Screener, Support and Resistance, Market Map, etc.

Comprehensive Fundamental Data - Historical interim and annual financial statements and over 20 financial ratios in comparable format.

Advanced Technical Analysis - Includes cutting-edge interactive charting tool with a vast number of indicators.

Ability to Personalize - Users are given the opportunity to use personalized watch lists, set e-mail alerts and receive daily newsletters.

Analyst Forum – A module for users to raise questions and concerns related to investing which will be answered by analysts .

Education- A comprehensive education section ranging from basic information to advanced technical analysis.

Our Product Categories  

DUInvest financial portal has evolved since its inception and various subsections of the portal has been developed based on customer requirements. Following are the categories the DUInvest financial portal is offered to our valued customers.

Decypha covers 21 markets: 14 markets of MENA, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Turkey, the UK and the US.

DUInvest Financial Portal Full Version Full version of the DUInvest financial portal contains all the features listed above and is ideally suited for stock brokers to attract and educate clients and serve their information needs.

DUInvest Financial Portal Lite Version The lite version of the portal is a customized version which includes a sub-set of the features of the portal depending on the requirements of the client.

Investor Relations Pages This caters to the listed companies of exchanges which require listed companies to disclose stock related information on their corporate websites.

iFrame Pages for Newspapers Stock market section provided through iFrames for newspapers to be included in the financial section which includes market index charts, stock market ticker, top stocks module, detailed company pages and stock market education section.

Market Coverage  

Currently, DUInvest Financial Portal is live with 23 clients in 17 countries.