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Easy Access from anywhere

DirectFN NetPlus is a web-based application which can easily be accessed over the Internet to give investors real-time price dissemination information. DirectFN NetPlus is also equipped with an easy-to-use charting module with a host of charting functions, including technical analysis, that help you enhance your investment decisions.

DirectFN NetPlus is engineered to provide price information from multiple exchanges (GCC Subscriptions only), keeping you in touch with your favorite stocks from anywhere in the world. Internet connectivity and a user account from your brokerage are all you need to gain access toDirectFN NetPlus, and be up to date with market activity around the world.

DirectFN NetPlus lets you customize its interface to give you high levels of personalization and internationalization through support of multiple languages. It also offers a host of Value Added Services to help you make sound investment decisions.

Key Features

  • Real time Trade information from multiple exchanges..
  • Market Depth (Level II quotes) with Best Offers and Best Bids.
  • Personalized Watch Lists to monitor your favorite stocks.
  • Dynamic Market Map to keep an eye on important stock market information via color changes.
  • Detail Quote, giving you a detailed snapshot of the performance of a stock.
  • Price Ticker for selected Watch Lists with different speed settings.
  • Market Indices and Market Summary.
  • Real-time Corporate Announcements & News from Stock exchanges.
  • Information on Top Stocks, giving you the Top Gainers by %Chg, Top Losers by %Chg, and Most Active Stocks by Volume for each market subscribed.
  • Easy accessibility to key market features via Right-Click menu options.
  • Three pre-defined workspaces: Standard, Classic and Investor..
  • Multiple themes for the application
  • Easily accessible Mini Index graph.
  • Quick access to the Complete Index graph.
  • Time and Sales details for symbols when the market is open.
  • DirectFN Value Added Services, giving you a host of fundamental data such as Financial Ratios, Company Profile, Analysis Tools, News and Reports.

Features and Functions – Charting

  • Technical Analysis, including some of the most commonly used technical analysis tools. This includes a range of Oscillators, Momentum, Volume and Volatility Indicators and many more.
  • Enhanced Technical Analysis which supports Offline Mode.
  • Trendlines to help you invest wisely based on past trends in price movements.
  • Historical Data Analysis of up to two (2) years and Intraday Data Analysis of up to two (2) days.
  • Ability to Zoom in and out of graphs, allowing you to see price movements for the period of your choice.
  • Five Chart Styles to choose from: Bar, Line, Candle, HLC (High, Low, Close) and OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close).
  • Several features which add richness to the information given in the charts can be displayed, and include
    • View Volume Graph
    • View Data Window
    • View Crosshair
    • Select Grid Style

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