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for PC (Windows)

DirectFN Pro 11

Next Generation of DirectFN Pro


Incredibly intuitive, and packed with powerful
 tools. It’s the investor desktop that does it all
 better and faster than ever.


Minimum Hassle, 
Maximum Detail


Built from the ground up using the latest state-of-the-art technology to help traders & investors take the best decisions. 

Loaded with a lot of content, functionalities & new analytical tools, DirectFN Pro 11 aims at greatly enhancing the user experience and simplifying & speeding the investment decision making process. 

All things pro in a brand 
new package 

Excellent performance & speed. 

Realtime market data, news, announcements & analytical tools

Full Financial Statements & Financial Ratios.

Pre-built dashboards for easy & quick navigation with the ability to build custom dashboards & workspaces. 

Advanced new professional charting with increased line studies, indicators, technical strategies & a new custom indicator formula builder. 

Sector Cash Flow Tracker

Numerical Analyzer & Technical Scanner

Enhanced Corporate Events functionality

Stock effect on TASI and Sector Indices

Big Trades Widget

Designed for the 
investor in mind


System Pre-Requisites


CPU (Central Processing Unit)

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Internet Network Speeds

Operating System


Intel i3 or 4 CPU Cores

4.0 GB

1.0 Mbps

Windows 7 SP2 or above


Intel i5 or above

8.0 GB or above

2.0 Mbps or higher

Windows 10 x64 Latest


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